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Bank Holiday 29th August 2016 
Our Gold Centre, Armada Way and St Austell branches will all be open from 11am to 4pm. 
All our other branches will be closed. 
Great News!!!! 
Our fantastic new branch in Armada Way is now open!! 
We've now closed our Frankfort Gate and  
Wants Xtra branches but all their stock is now  
in our Armada Way branch, together with lots of temptingly lovely new lines! 
Pop in and have a look, we think you'll love it!! 
If there is anything you'd like to ask, just call 01752 254252 /01752 667194 
Please note: Frankfort Gate jewellery deposits and buy backs are in Market Way,  
all their other deposits and buy backs are in The Gold Centre. 
Wants Armada Way
inside Wants Armada Way

Want to know more about our products or services? 
Then just give us a call on 
Plymouth (01752) 664546! 

Don't Miss Out! 
With our low deposit and 3 month payment option you can reserve any item in our stores. 
As you collect it when it has been paid for, there is no interest to pay. 
Online option also available, click here to enquire. 
These are just a couple of the demo videos Frankfort Gate have put on their Youtube channel.  
They're on Facebook too, just click here to see what they're up to!