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Guitar pedal
The EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter is a unique and versatile guitar effects pedal known for its ability to produce a wide range of synthesized and harmonized sounds. It is often described as an "analog synthesizer/harmonizer with modulation" due to its extensive capabilities. Here are the key features and details about the Data Corrupter: 1. **Analog Synthesizer and Harmonizer**: - The Data Corrupter transforms your guitar signal into a harmonically complex analog square wave fuzz. - It provides multiple harmonized frequencies, creating a synth-like effect that can produce anything from subtle harmonies to wild, glitchy sounds. 2. **Three-Voice Synthesis**: - The pedal offers three distinct voices: Main Frequency, Subharmonic, and Square Wave. - Each voice can be independently controlled and mixed to create complex and layered tones. 3. **Modulation Section**: - The Data Corrupter includes a Glide control, which allows you to modulate the pitch of the Main Frequency voice smoothly. - This feature can create pitch sweeps and portamento effects, adding a dynamic element to your sound. 4. **Master Oscillator**: - The Master Oscillator is the core of the Data Corrupter's sound, generating the primary square wave fuzz. - It can be set to follow your guitar's pitch closely or deviate for more experimental sounds. 5. **Frequency Modulation**: - The pedal includes a Frequency Modulator with multiple modes (Unison, Octave Up, Perfect Fifth, and more) for further tonal shaping. - This modulator can create harmonized intervals and dissonant effects. 6. **Blend and Volume Controls**: - The Data Corrupter provides blend controls for mixing the different voices and the dry signal. - Volume controls allow you to balance the overall output level with your original signal. 7. **True Bypass Switching**: - The pedal features true bypass switching to ensure that your signal remains unaffected when the pedal is not in use. 8. **Rugged Construction**: - Like other EarthQuaker Devices pedals, the Data Corrupter is built to be durable and reliable, suitable for both studio and live use. - It has a sturdy metal enclosure and high-quality components. 9. **Distinctive Design**: - The Data Corrupter is known for its eye-catching design, featuring vibrant graphics that reflect its experimental nature. The EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter is ideal for musicians looking to explore new sonic territories, offering a vast range of synthesized and harmonized sounds. Its flexibility and unique approach to sound manipulation make it a powerful tool for creative expression.

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